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Vast majority of papers still use Washington nickname

Josh Carpenter and Alex Silverman of Sports Business Daily polled 48 major newspapers in NFL markets, plus USA Today, Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times about whether they will continue to use Washington’s nickname. The outcome: 44 still are using it even with the recent uproar.

From the story:

Even with the number of papers not using the name quadrupling in the past year, they are still in the minority. Some major papers cited a desire to abstain from taking a side on the issue, and therefore continue using the name, while others simply have chosen to adhere to the team’s official name. The N.Y. Times continues to use the team’s nickname, but Assistant Managing Editor for Standards Philip Corbett said that the paper’s staff has continued to discuss and cover the issues surrounding the name. He said

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Random baseball card: Julian Javier, vital cog in great Cardinals teams

I had a reunion Saturday with old pals from the Daily Illini at the University of Illinois. We picked up where we left off 34 years ago, going to the Cubs-Cardinals game at Wrigley Field. Not much has changed in the baseball department: St. Louis is a contender, while the Cubs remain forever terrible.

During much of the game, we talked about players from the past more than the present. One of us blurted out Julian Javier’s name. Hence my latest random baseball card.

The second-baseman was a two-time All-Star on those great Cardinals teams of the 60s. He hit .360 in the 1967 World Series.

Here’s to you Julian…and Brueggs, Schlets and Mike.

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Idiot patrol: They were out in full force last week

During the course of covering sports media since 1998, there have been many instances when I have been forced to write about dumb things people say or do in business.

I have a simple term for it: Idiot patrol.

Last week was a good–or bad week–for idiot patrol, depending on your perspective.

A Boston sports talk show host, Kirk Minihane of WEEI, made disparaging remarks about Erin Andrews. Then during his apology for his initial comments, he went on to slam Andrews even further. He said, if Andrews “weighed 15 pounds more she would be a waitress.”

Then, there was the entire Stephen A. Smith mess. Memo to Stephen A.: Stephen A.: If you talk about domestic violence on TV, you never come close to comments being misconstrued. It’s wrong, end of discussion.

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A Fresh Start

Nothing about Devin Gardner’s junior season at Michigan went as planned, and as the quarterback of a messy offense, he’s been all but dismissed as a potential star. Under a new coordinator as a senior, though, Gardner still deserves a second chance.

If Your Phone Rings on Live TV, Don’t Do This

If Your Phone Rings on Live TV, Don't Do This

Recently, on a Vietnamese morning show, a guest was talking about the serious flooding in Lang Son when something unexpected happened: His phone rang.

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Help Still Wanted?

Despite areas of need on their rosters, the Royals and Indians have remained fairly quiet as we approach the trade deadline. With fan bases growing impatient, their front offices must decide soon whether to reload or regroup for next year.

McAdoo’s New Groove

This is not your father’s — or Kevin Gilbride’s — Giants offense. That much is certain the moment the players take the field. Thanks to new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, the big blue are incorporating up-tempo schemes into their playbook that could revamp their attack.

Athletic Self-Care

Professional sports run closer to year-round now than they ever have. If you’re an athlete in demand, you have to make choices about when to play and when to rest, which is why it’s OK for NBA stars like Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge to skip international basketball this summer.

The Guardians of the NFL Galaxy

Some of the inspirations are obvious, others aren’t. Some are superhumans, some are genetic freaks and others are just regular guys making a go of it. Find out what your favorite NFL team would look like, re-imagined as a superhero.

Strength Through Baseball

Years ago, Michael Murray and his two sons went to a Cape Cod League game on a family trip. Now, after the unfortunate passing of Michael Sr., sons A.J. and Michael Jr. have used baseball and the Cape league to help their grieving family heal.